Foldable iPhone Designs Outlined in Apple’s Patent Application


> Apple’s patent describes inward and outward folding designs

> There is also the mention of a triple folding form factor

> The patent also shows a clamshell design with a chin

The first sketch in Apple’s patent application shows a foldable design that is quite similar to the rumoured clamshell form factor of Motorola’s foldable Razr 2019 smartphone, complete with what appears to be a chin. Another diagram hints at an outward folding design that we’ve already seen on the Royole FlexPai and might witness it again on the recently leaked foldable smartphone from Vivo’s new iQoo sub-brand. There are also diagrams depicting an inward-folding mechanism for a foldable Apple device that might look like Samsung’s rumoured foldable smartphone that is set to be launchedon February 20, 2019. But Apple’s patent application does not show a concept with a cover display, unlike Samsung’s offering.

There are also a couple of diagrams that depict a double-folding design with two hinges that will create three layers of the main body. Unlike Xiaomi’s foldable smartphone that folds from the sides, Apple’s patent describes a device whose sides fold in the opposite direction, hiding a major portion of the display with the inward-folding section. As mentioned above, these are just concepts with and may never move beyond the design table to become actual devices. But with brands like Huawei, Oppo, Nubia, Energizer LG, and Microsoft rumoured to be working on foldable devices, Apple might as well jump the gun and launch its own foldable device.

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